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Domain Lowercase:
Domain Uppercase: CLB.NET
Domain Extension: net
Domain Without Extension: clb
Domain Length (no ext.): 3
Category: 3 Char
Registrar: OnlineNIC
Creation Date: 23-oct-1996
Expiration Date: 22-oct-2008
Info: Triple premium LLL.NET.

Acronyms: (
Child Left Behind
Copyright Law Branch
Civil Liberties Board
Chemicals or Biological
Contractors Licensing Board
Crystal Lake Bank
Civil Liberties Bureau
Catastrophic Leave Bank
Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
Claire Lynch Band
China Labour Bulletin
Contractor License Board
Central Labor Bodies
Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind
Company Law Board
Canadian Language Benchmarks
Certified Loan Broker
Configurable Logic Blocks
Chemie in Labor
Commercial Loans to Business
Cortical Lewy Bodies
Campus Life Board
Charles Lamb Bulletin
Canada Law Book
Charcoal Lighter Basket
Cereal Leaf Beetle
Communications Law Bulletin
Catherine Le Bris
Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Canadian Learning Bank
Commonwealth Law Bulletin
Christian Life Bangladesh
Configuration Logic Block
Chronic Lyme borreliosis
circulating leukemic blasts
coccidia-like body
Coccidian/cyanobacterium-like body
Cognitive Laterality Battery
complex limiting behavior
Concentrically laminated bodies
cyanobacteria-like body
cyanobacterium-like bodies
cytoplasmic laminated bodies
cytoplasmic laminated body
Caddo Levee Board
Central Lecture Block
Central Land Board
Canada Learning Bonds
Control Logic Blocks
carcinoma of large bowel
Centre Léon Berard
Cinta Luar Biasa
Clearfil Liner Bond 2V
cytophaga-like gliding bacteria
Continuous Lateral Bracing
Crushed Lower Back
Criminal Law Brief
Carole L Bigler
Custom Logic Blocks
Clan Leader Board
Chemistry Lab Building
Citrus Longhorned Beetle
Communal Land Boards
Camp Lejeune Ballerinas
Computer Literacy Bookshops
Caithness Livestock Breeders
Combinational Logic Blocks
Charlotte Lacrosse Boosters
Compact Long Beds
Combat Logistics Battalions
Container Logistics Bettembourg
Community Land Banks
Count Leading Bits
Commercial Law Bulletin
Cormorant Lift Bag
Christian Likes Blondes
Communication Line Block
Compliance Load Board
Centre Louise Bibeau
Church of the LB
Cavity Light Bullets
Configuration Logic Blocks
Current Law Budget
Central Laboratory of Biological
Color and Linetype to Bylayer
Community Land Boards
Community Leader Breakfasts
Community Lottery Boards
Corporate Liaison Board
Culture and Language Bridge
Complex Logic Blocks
classroom laboratory building
Corporate League Baseball
Congurable Logic Blocks
Chem Labor Biotech
Common Logic Block
Carry Logic Built
Celestix Load Balancer
Classroom Lab Building
Coccidian Like Bodies
Corps Logistics Base
Camera Link Breakout
Command List Base
Canadian Labour Battalion
Centennial Low Boy
Central Laboratory Bloodtransfusion
Checkpoint Log Buffers
Component Load Balanced
Conflgurable Logic Blocks
Community Land Bank
Crying Like a Baby
Coal Lower Bakerstown
current licensing bases
Cognitive Learning Behavior
Cartographic Links for Botanists
Charles Lienaux Barrister
Chicago Lesbian Bar
Chicago Life in the Big
Claitor Law Books
Coal Links and Biographies
Commercial Litter Box
Craneville Little Bird
Crying Like Baby
Custers Last Band